Individual Counselling And Psychotherapy


An increasing amount of attention is being directed to the transition to higher education. It is a movement that incorporates a great deal of stress and challenge. Although some students are able to experience this transition as a challenge to personal growth, other students are overwhelmed by the changes and experience emotional maladjustment and depression.
These difficulties are often present as inefficiencies in coping with familial separation, time and stress management, basic study techniques, goal setting, relationship formation, handling emotions, and self-esteem crystallization. Personal, academic, social, and professional success depend on the student's ability to manage these aspects of their lives. These conditions may hinder students from excelling on tests, completing assignments or even making it to class. In extreme cases, students may even drop out of college.
Being a student can be stressful enough, but trying to juggle college and other responsibilities is sometimes harder. But students can work through many challenges and still perform well in academics. This comprehensive guide discusses and details a number of psychological issues, including information on how they impact academic performance and where to find help. The following guide dives into more specific information about a variety of common mental health challenges, and focuses on where and how college students — or those thinking about a college education — can turn for support.

Department of Psychology and Life Skills carry out individual counselling and psychotherapy sessions for different types of psychological problems.
Whatever psychological problem you are experiencing, a licensed psychologist can help you identify the types of stressors that affect your daily life and find ways to help you best cope for improving your overall psychical and mental well-being. The Department of psychology and Life skills provides tips and strategies for following types of problems.

Low confidence

Poor Academic Performance

Stage fear

Exam fear

Friendship issues

Love Issues


Fear of public speaking

Smartphone addiction

Suicide or negative thoughts

Low mood

Family Problems




Other Psychological problems